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Talisman - CD "Vault"

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Talisman - CD "Vault" - Deluxe Edition" (double CD)
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Track listing: Disc 1:
Time After Time (Single Version)
U Done Me Wrong (Demo Jeff Scott Soto vocals)
Give Me A Sign (Demo Jeff Scott Soto vocals)
Comin' Home (Demo Jeff Scott Soto vocals)
Wasting R Time (Humanimal Sessions)
Todo Y Todo (Humanimal Sessions Spanish version of All & All)
To Know Someone Deeply Is To Know Someone Softly (Humanimal Sessions)
Angel (Demo - Matti Alfonzetti vocals)
Time After Time (Demo - Matti Alfonzetti vocals)
Give Me A Sign (Demo - Matti Alfonzetti vocals)
Fighting For Your Life (Demo - Matti Alfonzetti vocals)
Lovechild (Demo - Matti Alfonzetti vocals)
Rainbows End (Demo - Thomas Vikstrom vocals)
NJBBWD (Demo Marcel Jacob bass solo)
Track listing: Disc 2:
Master Of Patience (Demo Thomas Vikstrom vocals)
Riding On The Wind (Demo Thomas Vikstrom vocals)
Live For Our Dreams (Demo Thomas Vikstrom vocals)
Comin' Home (Demo Stefan Berggren vocals)
Time After Time (Demo Stefan Berggren vocals)
Girl Of Mine (Demo Matti Alfonzetti vocals)
Day By Day (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)
Dangerous (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)
If You Need Somebody (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)
Under Fire (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)
Lightning Strikes (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)
Break Your Chains (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)
Open Your Eyes (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)
Oceans (Demo - Goran Edman vocals)