Night By night - NXN (CD)


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Night By Night

1 Time To Escape
2 Holding Onto Holding On
3 Can't Walk Away
4 Everywhere Tonight
5 Siren
6 A Thousand Lies
7 It's Not Faith
8 The Moment
9 If Only
10 Never Die Again

"A darker shade of Def Leppard… rattling your brain like a rampant riff monger… glossy 1980s hyper-rock sandblasted to within a inch if its life... spearheading the New Wave of AOR… cutting edge” - 8/10 - Classic Rock Magazine

"Magnificent... Thoroughly contemporary sound, intense and dramatic….yet the melodies and choruses are pure eighties... inventive, non-formulaic song writing and smart lyrical content…. fine performances … Recommended” - Fireworks Magazine

“One of the best debut albums I’ve heard for a good 20 years… well written songs, great vocals and big choruses.” 5/5 - Get Ready to Rock

"Already a classic in my book!” - 10/10 - Heavy Metal Paradise

"One of the best albums I've heard this year” - 9/10 - Rocknytt

“The future is bright for Night by Night" - 8/10 - Metal Temple

"Breaking new grounds with their music by mixing the best elements of Hard Rock, AOR and Metal Core” - 9/10 - Michael Spiggos, Firebrand Rock Radio

"True Dynamite” - Red Rock Radio

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